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The Consumer Information section of the CCTFA website is intended to provide information to consumers about the Canadian cosmetics and personal care products industry. It is not intended to offer detailed information on specific products. For detailed product-specific information, please contact the manufacturer at their 1-800 number or visit their website.

In addition to providing valuable industry and regulatory information, this section will also provide answers to some of the most asked questions by consumers. Our focus is you, the consumer, and we are committed to keeping you informed and up to date about the products you use everyday to enhance your well-being.

Personal Care Products

When we think of cosmetics, we instinctively think of lipstick, mascara, eye shadow and other beauty related products. However cosmetics are part of a family of products known generally as personal care products. This includes fragrances, lotions, hair care products, soaps, toothpaste, body washes and other products we use on a daily basis to maintain personal health and hygiene.

Cosmetics and personal care products have become an integral part of our daily lives. By the time we leave our homes in the morning, most of us, men and women alike, will have used a wide variety of personal care products to make ourselves presentable to the outside world and to maintain our personal health and hygiene.

Cosmetics and personal care products are specifically designed to promote the well-being of the individual who uses them.

The Canadian Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Industry

Every year Canadians purchase over $5.4 billion of cosmetics and personal care products. From personal hygiene and beauty products like deodorant, shampoo, skin care products, make-up and fragrances to health-related products such as sunscreens and cavity-fighting toothpastes, cosmetics and personal care products are an undeniably important part of our everyday lives.

The Canadian cosmetics and personal care products industry is highly responsive to consumer demand creating an average of over 7,000 new products each year to meet the changing needs and concerns of consumers. Over the last few years for example, men have increased their focus on skin care and teenagers are looking for product innovation in hair care, fragrance and the age-old problem of blemishes and acne.

Our member companies are industry leaders and we encourage you to visit their websites for the latest developments and specific product information.

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