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Fragrance Fact

Perfume - the most concentrated and purest form of fragrance because the essential oils in the perfume diffuse on contact with the heat of the skin to release the scent. Perfume is long lasting due to its low alcohol content.

Eau de Parfum – this form of fragrance is not as strong as perfume but longer lasting than eau de toilette.

Eau de Toilette – a lighter, more subtle blend which contains the same fragrance notes as the original perfume.

Cologne – the most popular form of fragrance because the essential oils have been blended with a high concentration of alcohol to make the scent refreshing and more economical.

Eau Fraîche – a crisp, cooling skin toner that is sprayed or splashed on the skin after a bath or shower.




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The Scented Products Education and Information Association of Canada (SPEIAC) is a broadly-based, national coalition of organizations whose mandate is to disseminate information and provide public education about scented products including fine fragrances, cosmetics, toiletries and scented household products.



International Fragrance Association North America's video "Making Scents" covers the different types of fragrance ingredients, research and safety testing of ingredients and the work that goes into creating a new fragrance.



SPEIAC was established to:

  • Address questions about scented product ingredients, safety and regulation;
  • Facilitate constructive dialogue and disseminate accurate information about scented products among all stakeholders – consumers, media, manufacturers, government, researchers, academics and the medical community.
  • Advance understanding of the role of scented products in our society and educate consumers about the considerate enjoyment of scented products;
  • Further scientific discussion and understanding of environmental sensitivities, particularly with regard to scented products.

SPEIAC fulfills its mandate through:

  • Ongoing consultation with all stakeholder groups;
  • Maintaining dialogue with Health Canada on health-related issues;
  • Disseminating information on scented product manufacture, safety, and use;
  • Acting as an information resource for consumers and organizations.

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